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About us

We are a new cosmetics brand based in Poland, in Szczecin. Our mission is to create cosmetics containing as many active ingredients as possible in each product to achieve the best results. Our cosmetics are intended for everyday use – we avoid ingredients that would increase the negative impact of external factors on the skin.

We try to make our brand as ecological as possible – our bottle is made of glass, which means it can be infinitely recycled. Paper used for our folding boxes is manufactured with wind energy, produced carbon neutral and FSC certified. The cartons used for shipments are recyclable, FSC certified, 70% of the paper for their production comes from recycling. The paper filling of our packages has the Blue Angel certificate – a very rigorous certificate for the most ecological products that meet a number of requirements, including, for example, noise level during production.

Our serum contains over 98% ingredients of natural origin, but to achieve high stability and safety of the products, we do not limit ourselves only to natural ingredients, but also use synthetic ingredients.

Our office and most of our contractors are located in Poland, while the products themselves are manufactured by our friends in Germany, who from the very beginning delighted us with their knowledge, precision and high quality of work.

For now, we offer one product and we believe that it should be the basis of skin care for everyone. We want our products to be unique and well-thought-out, which is why we started with just one product, but we are already preparing more for you.